Monday 20 April 2009

And so it begins

I've decided to try to be a little more experimental with the food I make. Im finding I cook the same things over and over, and often forget about something I made and loved. This is my way of keeping track of recipes, and of breaking out of my lazy comfort zone I seem to have got myself into.

I have signed up to a couple of monthly cookery challenges, and promise myself that if I see a recipe I like the look of, just try it, rather than bookmark it, only for it to be lost in the big long never ending list of bookmarks!


Anonymous said...

Hey - I've been thinking about doing the same thing - forcing myself to cook new things and stop making the same dishes again and again. It's amazing how many recipes I bookmark from blogs and books because they look lovely, only to never make them ;)

The Jamie Oliver lemon drizzle cake you made looks gorgeous! I'll have to try it (at some point ...!)

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